SOS provides a professional and compassionate liaison between the beneficiary and the employer, reducing HR’s workload and enhancing the claimant experience.

For Employers

  • Dedicated, single point-of-contact

  • Manage all claim-related inquiries

  • Confirm eligibility and coverage amounts

  • Complete employer portion of claim form

  • Distribute death certificate to key departments

  • Assist with communications about stock, retirement plans, final pay, EAP, and other programs

  • Submit complete claim to carriers

Dedicated SOS Benefit Counselors

SOS Counselors are professionally trained in the fulfillment of the life claims process and have years of experience assisting our customers’ beneficiaries.

SOS™ Services
for Employees
& Beneficiaries

  • Dedicated, single point-of-contact
  • Funeral assignment coordination
  • Customized letter and packet outlining all eligible benefits
  • Estate settlement services
  • Timely updates on benefit status
  • Review all claim documents for accuracy
  • Submission/monitoring of all claims
  • Safeguarding of personal info/data
  • Notify credit reporting agencies and social security