What Makes Us

HR To Do List without SOS:

  • Gather benefits information and details

  • Identify beneficiary and related contacts

  • Initiate communication with beneficiary

  • Gather required documents from beneficiary and employer

  • Follow-up with beneficiary until key documents have been received

  • Submit completed claim package to insurance carrier

  • Field all inquiries from beneficiary and insurance carrier throughout claim process

  • Communicate with insurance carrier during claim processing

  • Notify and coordinate with internal departments and external vendors (401K, stock, RSU, payroll, LTD, COBRA, HAS/FSA)
  • Coordinate all inquiries from beneficiary and carrier through the benefit process

HR To Do List
Survivor Outreach Services:

Notify SOS of event

Provide benefit elections and beneficiary information

Let SOS take care of the rest!

Testimonials from Our Clients

“This was a professional and empathetic experience. I was very grateful for the prompt service and compassionate care. Thank you for helping through this difficult time!”

Laurie (Jacksonville, TN)

“I was not aware of this service until I got a call. So calming and resourceful. I wish the rest of having the estate settled would be as calm. Friends cannot believe a company would provide such help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Mary (Marshfield, WI)

“I am very impressed!! At such an emotional time, the outreach team were fabulous. Kind, patient, very helpful. They are obviously very organized and know what they are doing. I am very grateful for their help.”

Audrey (Lewisville, TX)

“Best I have ever had. Linda is very knowledgeable & a pleasure to work with. She was outstanding. She was compassionate about my situation & very professional in thoroughly explaining the services. She should get an award for outstanding customer service.”

Joanne (Crosslake, MN)

“Great! I was very happy to have the guidance. The person was very nice, helpful and they kept me updated. The service was a pleasant surprise when I really needed it.”

Flonnie (Smithville, TN)

“I think it’s a great service. It was a very helpful and easy process, took a lot of worries away in this hard time of my life. I just want to thank Jill and Chris for everything they have done.”

Iryna (Fort Worth, TX)

“Your kindness, compassion and professionalism went above and beyond. My warmest thanks and may God bless you all.”

Delia (Orange, CA)

“It was such a relief that this service was available to my siblings and I. Jill was thoughtful, thorough and understanding. This service was a small blessing!”

Rochelle (Santa Rosa, CA)

“A very helpful service, during this most difficult time in my life, everyone was thoughtful, kind, caring, yet very informative and clear as to what my next steps were. Professional, yet caring.”

Teresa (Gresham, OR)